Bitter 1850

BITTER 1850 represents the liqueur-based synthesis of 3 generations of specialist pharmacists. It all began with a recipe written by hand on a piece paper, which was rescued from an unexplored drawer in the Foletto family's Pharmaceutical Museum at the end of 2016.

There are 18 plants that characterise Bitter 1850, many of which are collected on the slopes of the Dolomites, near Ledro. Among them are stingless gentian, lady's mantle, spurge, alder, larch, rhubarb and artichoke, which stimulate digestion, bile-driving agents and then the tannic acid component. They are followed by carnation, anise, orange, and bitter orange, which moderate the astringency and give the bitters an aromatic and floral bouquet.

A herbal top note with a hint of rhubarb and orange. Round notes, a warm and aromatic heart thanks to clove root and aniseed. Woody and resinous base notes of stingless gentian, liquorice and larch bark.


Served ice-cold, it has a subtle, delicate sensory profile.

amaro ledro ghiacciato
cocktail amaro ledro


Excellent for mixing; the supportive alcohol content and aroma give the cocktail/aperitif an exclusive touch. Browse the site and discover them all!

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