Amaro Ledro

Amaro Ledro is characterised by ten plant species, most of which are native to the Alps. These include stingless gentian, lady's mantle, spurge, alder, larch, rhubarb and artichoke, with digestive properties. In addition there is clove root, anise and orange, which give the bitters an aromatic and very harmonious bouquet.

Amaro Foletto matures for 20 months before bottling. The first tool used to make this bitters is the ceramic pestle mortar, in which the plants are crushed.

A herbal top note with a hint of rhubarb and orange. Round notes, a warm and aromatic heart thanks to lady's mantle, clove root and aniseed. Woody and resinous base notes of rhubarb and stingless gentian with a hint of liquorice.


Served ice-cold, it has a subtle, delicate sensory profile.

amaro ledro ghiacciato
cocktail amaro ledro


Excellent for mixing; the supportive alcohol content and aroma give the cocktail/aperitif an exclusive touch. Browse the site and discover them all!

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